Draft of Media Transparency Bill, 2024

On behalf of the Managing Committee of the Press Club of India, we released the draft of the Media Transparency (And Accountability) Bill, 2024, on May 28 at a consultation meeting of 26 press bodies and digital rights organisations for inviting comments and suggestions. This bill intends to usher in media reforms in the country and free the press from the control of the Executive. You are invited to submit your comments and suggestions by June 30, 2024. Kindly mail to us on:pressclub.legal@gmail.com

ABOUT Press Club

The Press Club of India is basically a meeting point for the journalists as it is located in the heart of Lutyens Delhi where Parliament House and other Ministries, which are the area of activity of the journalists, are located.
The idea to set up the Press Club of India was first conceived by eminent editor and veteran journalist Mr Durga Das way back in the early 1930s when he visited London as editor of the Associated Press of India which later came to be known as PTI. His visit to the London Press Club became a motivator for him to replicate the model in Delhi.

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